California’s Title 24 Resources

A Quick-Access Guide to California’s Title 24 energy requirements, newly updated for 2019

California became the first state to implement minimum energy efficiency standards in 1974. The California Energy Commission was created then to oversee implementation of the new laws. The standards, referred to as Title 24, were updated in 2008 and again in 2019.

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For a complete outline of Residential and Nonresidential compliance codes, download any of the Compliance Manuals below (effective January 1, 2020):

2019-Title24-Resi Compliance Manual-Green-Cvr_Page_002
2019 Residential
Compliance Manual
2019-Title24-NonResi Compliance Manual-Blue-Cvr_Page_001
2019 Non-Residential
Compliance Manual
2019-Title24-BEE Standards Resi & NonResi Bldgs-Yellow-Cvr_Page_001
2019 Building Energy
Efficiency Standards
2019-Title24-Data Registry Req Manual-Purple-Cvr_Page_002
2019 Data Registry
Requirements Manual

2019-Title24-Reference Appendices-Red-Cvr_Page_001
2019 Reference

2019-Title24-Alt Calc Method Approval Manual-Teal-Cvr_Page_01
2019 ACM Approval Manual

For additional information directly from the California Energy Commission page, click here.

Western is providing in-depth analysis of the new 2019 Title 24 requirements in a series of blog articles, together with recommended compliant products. Click below for the latest editions of our Title 24 series:

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