Cree Cadiant™: Simulated Skylight Lighting

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Cree Cadiant™ is an industry first – an LED lighting solution that realistically delivers both the architectural impact and the dynamic, sensory experience of a true skylight. Cadiant™ does much more than provide illumination that mimics natural daylight; it is designed to virtually bring the outdoors in. Cadiant™ recreates the visual sensation of being in an outside environment, using advanced lighting controls and dimensional LED panels to simulate the depth of field, shifting sun positions, clouds and natural hues of an actual sky. The result is nothing less than a remarkably unique lighting experience that captivates and energizes.

Cree Cadiant™ is expected to be revealed at LIGHTFAIR 2019 in Philadelphia, PA; we will follow up with additional information as it is made available.

 Click below to view the Cree Cadiant™ Video.

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