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Behind The Scenes At Western Lighting and Energy Controls

est. 1996

Western Lighting and Energy Controls services Southern California with dedicated personnel in San Diego, Costa Mesa, and Inland Empire areas for any lighting, controls, or energy management needs.

No project is too small or too big for us. We have a solution for everyone, any project, any budget that will appeal to any lifestyle.

ESOP since 2019

Western has been employee-owned since our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) rolled out in 2019. Having this extra incentive along with our “yes, can do!” attitude has allowed the team to thrive more and more each year.


We represent top manufacturers in lighting, controls, and energy management. Our business is to grow your business. We are goal-oriented and strive to represent our manufacturer lines in the most professional manner. We only work with companies whose product line and services are dependable and ones we can stand behind.


Whether you are in design, budgeting, or installation processes, our teams will make your life easier with our quality expertise and proactive customer support. Our big picture foresight and attention to detail allow us to go above and beyond to provide your project’s every need. Call back guarantee within 24 hours.


Our interests go beyond general product information; quality expertise is attained by a proactive commitment to thorough understanding in manufacturer processing, development, and technical product support. Our team members attend trainings including but not limited to manufacturer product lines, building codes, in-depth technical analysis, hands-on installation, and programming. Western expertise outshines the competition because we go beyond general information into the nitty-gritty technical for a full, comprehensive understanding. In turn, we pass the knowledge on to you in a digestible manner.

Service Beyond Expectations

Our mission is to help define, understand, and execute all your project’s needs with the most quality expertise.

Team Western will bring your vision to light with our high standard of service and specialized marketing campaigns. We are a solution-oriented team focused on achieving aesthetically brilliant solutions in a time & budget-sensitive industry. Our business is to grow your business.

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