Join Our Team of Owners

Working at Western Lighting & Energy Controls, Inc. is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to become an owner of our company.

Ownership Culture


We are all aligned in our goals because we all have a shared interest in making the company more successful.


We invest in our owners. We put our people first because shared ownership increases commitment.


Our people are in it for the long-term, which strengthens bonds, increases collaboration and fosters mentorship.


We only succeed as owners if everyone contributes as employees. We hold each other and ourselves to high standards.

Job Stability



Over 75% of EO companies
improved productivity.



Employee-owned businesses
were 25% less like to cut jobs.


In the 2020 recession, ESOP companies were between 3 and 4 times more likely to retain staff, at all levels.

Job Stability

In 2020, About a third (35.5%) of majority ESOP companies cut hours for one or more employees; by comparison, nearly two thirds (62.9%) of other companies cut hours for one or more employees.


Throughout the last recession, only about a quarter (26.9%) of ESOPs cut pay for any employee, compared to more than half (57.3%) of other firms.

Source: Blasi, J., & Kruse, D. (n.d.). (rep.). Employee Ownership Foundation. Retrieved from

Wealth Building

Through employee ownership, everyone at the company shares in our success. Yearly contributions of company stock can make a huge impact. Here’s a hypothetical example of what that could look like. 




2 Years


6 Years


10 Years


15 Years

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