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Our approach is more than just product based, it’s about crafting a unique solution around your clients. Designing that solution starts with listening, a critical step that opens a free flowing exchange of ideas, needs, requirements, and creativity. Every step in the Western Lighting & Energy Controls process is an experience in unparalleled clear collaboration. Our staff is dedicated to servicing our clients every step of the way.

Follow the Adventures of Vive-Man!


Western proudly presents Vive-Man, our intrepid hero of wireless lighting control! Each month, Vive-Man seeks out offending waste, villainous expense and diabolical disruption, setting contractors straight on the virtues of Vive. Follow along with Vive-Man here at our blog, and you can see him in print each month in Electrical News.

UPDATE: Episode 2 now posted!

See Cree in Action!

Cree Outdoor Site Lighting is making a splash in Southern California, featured in three notable installations outlined recently in our Blog. Each installation caters to a unique need, and meeting specific requirements.

  • Car dealerships such as National City Subaru seek to separate themselves from the competition, and Cree’s AF Series Canopy and Edge High Output fixtures do just that. Read more here.
  • Cree’s OSQ Area Luminaire was the perfect solution to highlight San Antonio Winery’s historic building, while complying with California’s Title 24 requirements. Read more here.
  • Cree’s C-Lite LED Directional Spotlight is featured prominently at the City of Glendale’s municipal building. Cree’s Area Edge Series was also utilized in open-space applications. Read more here.

Remember to consider Cree when specifying for outdoor lighting. These three installations prove Cree’s ability to cater to unique needs with ideal solutions.

Lutron Designer+ for Vive is an intuitive, easy-to-use software tool that allows you to design a Lutron Vive lighting control system with visual “drag and drop” layout and connections. It also allows you to generate comprehensive system design documentation, including bills of materials, one-line diagrams, and sequence of operations.

Click Here to Download VIVE Software

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Our staff is dedicated to servicing our clients every step of the way. Whether your next project is trying to attain LEED certification, meet local codes, or just delivering your clients dreams, let Western Lighting and Energy Controls handle the details. We examine any budget concerns, sustainability decisions, design considerations, and energy legislation to create that perfect user experience. Let Us Help You Today >

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