From Conventional to Exceptional: The Future of Smart Glass and Windows

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Glass has been a staple material dating back over 5000 years ago. It has been used and formed in a myriad of ways, from small glass beads to handblown sculptures, to enormous stained-glass windows. You can find glass almost anywhere you look. Interior design uses glass in lighting and furnishing. You’ll see it architecture with skylights and greenhouses.

Our current technology-driven world has not left glass behind. I’ll bet you’re reading this from your phone or laptop, which uses tempered glass. Today, we have the capability to apply technology to glass on a much grander scale. For example, the most common use for large glass is a window, which we can now upgrade from standard to a fully functional and controllable utility. Or, in other words, smart glass.

What is smart glass?

Smart glass refers to the nanotechnology used to transform typically transparent materials to varying levels of opacity. Form and function come together to provide an efficient way to create comfortable and elegant spaces by allowing multi-functional control over the applied glass.

The switch to smart glass has never been easier. There are two ways to transform your space:
1. Lamination: complete new custom-made smart glass panels that consist of a nanotechnological layer between two pieces of transparent raw material
2. Retrofit: upgrade existing glass using an adhesive film

What are some benefits of smart glass?

Utilizing smart glass provides benefits beyond its aesthetic and control features.

Studies have shown spaces utilizing natural light helps to boost morale and improve productivity. Create open and safe office spaces for colleagues to share ideas by using fewer cubicles and more glass partitions. Using smart glass in a home helps create a less stuffy environment. Some other benefits include temperature regulation and protection from UV light.

Today’s COVID-19 environment calls for an easy solution for contamination risk. In healthcare facilities, traditional fabric partitions are especially susceptible to collecting pathogens and transmitting bacteria. Smart glass partitions, by contrast, are easily disinfected and remove recurring costs such as washing and replacing curtains.

Where can I use smart glass?

Instantaneously shut out the world (or just the other side of the glass) – privacy is at your fingertips. Smart glass can be used on front doors, windows, even refrigerators.

Add video projections to storefronts for interactive marketing campaigns without worrying about image distortion or discoloration from other light sources. You can even display information based on location and time, such as train station arrivals.

Enter Gauzy, a top innovator in the World of the smart glass.

Gauzy is the only material science company in the world developing, manufacturing, and marketing, two of the three active light control technologies: SPD and Liquid Crystal. Together, they create Gauzy’s patented LCG® (Light Control Glass).

It sounds complicated, but LCG® looks and cleans just like normal glass. No additional effort is needed for maintenance, even in damp areas. Best of all, LCG® can be applied anywhere to provide light, energy, and solar/temperature control without compromising space. With just one touch, your glass can change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque in less than a second.

Gauzy offers smart glass solutions in both lamination and retrofit, with optional decorative patterns. Take it one step further by integrating with 3rd party smart systems such as Lutron for additional control features. Ask one of their certified partners to assist in installation.

Gauzy can be found installed in the offices of JP Morgan, or most notably, the Shanghai Tower.

This all sounds great! How can I get more information on Gauzy?

Ask your Western Lighting and Energy Controls representative! Contact us here.

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