Jen Moore Appointed Principal of Western Lighting and Energy Controls

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San Diego, CA (January 12th, 2021) – Western Lighting and Energy Controls, a leading Southern California Representative agency, is pleased to announce Jen Moore’s promotion to join Matt Sedlock and Jimm Reifsnyder as company Principal.

After almost 9 years working for Western, Jen has worked both in the field and in the office, strategically surrounding commercial projects with distributors, contractors, specifiers, and end-users.

Her attention to detail, her product knowledge, and work ethic are just a few of her strongest attributes. Jen constantly strives to better herself as a person and in her role with Western. Always looking for ways to improve the company where we all work and now own as an ESOP,” said Matt Sedlock, Principal at Western Lighting and Energy Controls.

Jen is always willing to lend a helping hand and does so with an approach to educating others along the way so that they can do their job better down the road. Jen’s leadership ability is without question, and Matt and I are excited to have her at our side in leading this company moving forward,” said Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal at Western Lighting and Energy Controls.

Jen Moore, the newly appointed Principal at Western Lighting and Energy Controls, reacted to the news, saying: “I feel very honored and humbled to know Matt and Jimm see me as an equal to help lead and shape the future of Western. I will work hard every day to help provide exceptional service to our customers and continue to build value for ESOP team members. I am excited to see what 2021 and beyond has in store for our company.”

About Western Lighting and Energy Controls
Western Lighting and Energy Controls is an employee-owned representative agency in Southern California partnering with top manufacturers in lighting, controls, and energy management. We don’t just go for the sale – we focus on YOU: making sure you have full understanding of the product(s) in question and their technical detail. Along with educational opportunities offered, we ensure your project requirements and unique business needs are delivered on time, within budget, and of top quality. Whether you’re in design, budgeting, or installation processes, our teams will make your life easier with our quality expertise and proactive customer support.
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