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San Diego, CA (February 8, 2021) – Western Lighting and Energy Controls would like to give a big hearty welcome to Lumca, the newest addition to our line card! This Smart Tech intelligent lighting manufacturer will be represented in all territories covered by Western: San Diego, Imperial County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

 “We are convinced that our partnership with Western Lighting and Energy Controls is the beginning of a bright future and unimagined possibilities to create new bold options for outdoor living spaces.” Says Dennis Dion, Co-Owner, Sales, Marketing & Technology at Lumca.

“Our team is buzzing with excitement,” says Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal of Western Lighting and Energy Controls. “Lumca’s products and futuristic vision has left us speechlessly impressed.”

“This is innovation like you’ve never seen before,” agrees Matt Sedlock, Principal of Western Lighting of Energy Controls. “The small details really make a difference in taking any city to the next level.”

Using cutting-edge technology and modern design, Lumca combines utility and lighting into contemporary elegance. Their products aim to create a harmonious environment for their users, intended to improve people’s lives by connecting them to technology in a seamless way. Now that’s a mission we can get behind!

Connecting to Your City

It all starts with BrightLife: the all-encompassing connectivity solution for a smart city. This is the technology behind Lumca’s Smart Pole products. BrightLife is a fully integrated system that collects city workflow data such as overall energy consumption, tracking real-time traffic, and remote monitoring and controlling lights. These data points are critical for improving workflow and making municipal budgeting decisions. BrightLife is operable with current city systems and subsystems and is easily scalable according to city size. Break it down here.

So how does this work? First, you’ll need the Smart Pole. This intelligent streetlight is a functional piece of architecture that allows for versatile additions to make your city smarter. You can add digital billboards to display information for citizens and tourists; provide practical utilities such as Wi-Fi, electric or USB charging stations; add security cameras or panic buttons – all of which improve overall quality of life. Smart Pole plays well with others, allowing for third-party integrations such as RGBW lighting systems, temperature, pressure sensors, and more. All of this connects you to your city in a way that makes life easier and brighter.

Customizing: Citii, Cosmo, and Concept Series

Have you ever struggled choosing between two items because you liked some parts of one, certain elements of the other, and just wished they offered something that merged the two? With Lumca’s line, you may never have that issue.

Citii and Cosmo are Lumca’s latest Smart Pole integration-ready streetlight. Citii is the range of LED lights offered in trendy bollard and post-top styles, while Cosmo LED lights draws inspiration from vintage designs. Complete the look with a 4- or 5-inch pole and matching compact base that keeps electrical components are out of sight and secure. If you prefer to be even more hands-on in design, you should consider the Concept Series. This economical, mix-and-match series allows you to customize from top to bottom, catering to your project’s exact needs. Choose from over 100 different models and assortment of light accessories: the detachable parts and toolless maintenance allow for easy switching and a myriad of style options.

Lighting and Energy Controls is starting 2021 strong with an exciting t

Site Furnishing: Tango Collection

Lumca dabbles in site furnishing with the refined Tango Collection. This collection features lighting and furniture streamlined into one, beautifully curved design. From benches to bike racks, the cohesive mix of metal and exotic woods creates a decorative and useful element in any city.

Lumca, Tango Collection

Along with the planter, bike rack, and bench shown above, Lumca offers two different pole lights reminiscent of tree branches – a beautifully executed blend of city and nature. You can still customize based on sizing, utility, architectural finishes, and add-on accessories.

Beat the Heat with Luuma x Fog

Dare to be different with Luuma X Fog, a chemical-free and eco-friendly collaboration with Soucy Aquatik. This solution uses luminaires from the Luuma family and a high-pressure fog nozzle to create a refreshing environment that combines lighting and outdoor cooling. After choosing the aesthetics, take it one step further by personalizing fog interaction with time switch, magic eye, or adding essential oils. It results in an artistic, special fog effect that is sure to impress its viewers. See for yourself:

Where do I begin?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, you can filter products to show “Market Standard” only. Or better yet, connect with Western for help on your next project.

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