Manufacturer Spotlight: The Truth About UV Disinfection Lighting

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How PURO Lighting Looks at UV Lighting Technology

In the lighting market, there is always room for innovation and creating safer spaces for any location and consumer and this month, we’d like to focus on a particular manufacturer that certainly earns its inventive reputation.

Say ‘hello’ to PURO UV Disinfection Lighting. Founded by industry veterans with a vision to discover and use the latest lighting technology to bring wellness in any space, PURO Lighting is the top professional for UV Disinfection Lighting, particularly with its Air and Surface, and Continuous Air Disinfection products.

But UV Disinfection Lighting is a topic that some readers may not be familiar with, and the concern of UV lights may leave some hesitant about the new technology. But for today’s newest blog, we’re diving into what really goes into UV Disinfection Lighting, why it’s safer than you might think (especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic), and how PURO Lighting innovates with this technology.

Before we dive too deep into the world of PURO Lighting’s UV Disinfection technology, we must first look over UV Lighting and its connection to the ongoing pandemic. UV, or ultraviolet radiation, is an energy produced by the sun and some additional artificial sources. UVC, according to the International Ultraviolet Association, is a type of UV radiation with the shortest wavelength and highest energy, making it the only one to kill bacteria and viruses.

Early on after its discovery, UVC radiation would be artificially created and become a disinfection solution for sterilizing. To this day, it has reduced the spread of diseases and kept millions safe from illness. This, of course, leads to the question of how (and if) artificially created UVC helps during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

UVC Lighting, COVID-19, and Concerns

Since the inception of UVC lighting, experts agree that high-intensity UVC lighting can successfully disinfect areas against the pandemic, but the enigmatic information can also be difficult for consumers to fully understand. With a new awareness of pathogens, potential customers are driven to confusion and search for technological solutions that may be more harmful than helpful. In addition to those concerns, customers are wary over UV and its possible effects, while it is effective against pathogens, humans can be harmed if it is not used properly. Sunburns are the most common when it comes to our exposure (though the ozone layer blocks out the UV) and in severe cases, can cause cancer.

With these anxieties, proposing a new form of lighting technology is not easy, but when it came to PURO, the company was ready to not just introduce something new but have the research to back it all up.

Debunking with PURO Lighting

Pre-pandemic, PURO looked towards the healthcare industry with pulsed-Xenon technology for air and surfaces, where UV was already a staple of the space. But when the pandemic hit, its focus spread to various locations outside of healthcare, including schools, hotels, airports, and more.

As the experts in UV disinfection technology, PURO has an abundance of UV light sources for different applications. Powered by Violet Defence® technology, Helo and the Sentry Mobile series is the first high-intensity, full spectrum UV disinfection fixture for the ceiling and mobile UV disinfection system, respectively, to Puro Air products, which uses technology for continuous air disinfection and inactivates pathogens up to 99.9% (Aurora, in particular, has been used in a variety of locations for COVID-19 safety).

In our Expert Series Podcast, Matt McAnena of PURO even mentions that because of COVID, advancements are happening in the UV LED world rapidly, similar to the ambient LED Lighting world 15+ years ago. “They are getting more efficient which is opening up some really cool applications just like traditional LED chips did for lighting.” McAnena explains.

PURO did not end with continuous air disinfection or air and surface disinfection, and at the 2021 ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) Show in Las Vegas, PURO announced something incredible, the first control system specifically designed for user-friendly operation: the PURONet UV Disinfection Control System.

PURONet System Components

PURONet controls the Helo UV germicidal units in a space while providing data collection on its disinfection cycles, including the time, date, duration, and any interruptions. This became its winning factor as customers were looking for easy and safety in automation, PURONet delivered and beyond.

Because of PURO’s understanding that users may be concerned about potential UV overexposure, PURONet is designed with sensors that can detect motion. Should you walk into the room while PURONet is working, the system will immediately stop operation.

PURONet Screenshots

Designed to meet the UL 8802 guidelines, PURONet can be installed as a retrofit for existing and new buildings, and in the near future, will be able to access data via the cloud.

Today, PURONet is currently used in hospitals, but PURO is not stopping until it reaches new heights for better safety and efficacy using UV disinfection technology, and we here at Western look forward to what it brings next.

Want to learn more about Puro Lighting? Check it out here and make sure to read the official blog here.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next month’s blog post!

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