Title 24 Updates for 2019: Part 3

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Title 24 has been updated for 2019. Western presents an ongoing series, presenting the updates in an easy-to-understand fashion. This is Part 3.

 Night Lights, Step Lights & Path Lights

Page 260, Section 150.0-E: Night lights, step lights and path lights shall not be required to comply with Table 150.0-A or be controlled by vacancy sensors provided they are rated to consume no more than 5 watts of power and emit no more than 150 lumens.

Step lights and path lights are now included in the same category as night lights. Light sources integral to drawers, cabinets and linen closets are also now regulated by Title 24. Luminaires greater than 5 Watts or emit more than 150 lumens now must comply with the high-efficacy requirements of Table 150.0-A, otherwise the light sources are exempt.

Western Recommends:
WAC Lighting

WL-LED300 – Sleek profile and no visible hardware, the LEDme® Step and Wall Lights are designed to seamlessly blend into any architecture. These luminaires offer enhanced energy efficient functionality and optimized light output to adequately illuminate stairs, walls and walkways with little or no glare. Cast aluminum body is sealed for both indoor and outdoor application.

Power: 3.9W
Lumens: up to 74
CRI: 85
Rated life: 40,000 hours
Die-cast aluminum construction

Western Recommends:

Hardwire Hardline Strip – This LED HL strip light is a linear under-cabinet light with an integrated LED strip and driver on board. Available with various lengths to meet any installation application.

Power: 4.5W
Length: 12″
CRI: 90+
Color Temp: 3000K
Rated life: 36,000 hours

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