Title 24 Updates for 2022

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The new updates for Title 24 are effective as of January 1, 2023, and Western is here to support you by breaking down the important aspects of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) for lighting and electric requirements in residential and nonresidential buildings (Title 24, Part 6), so you can stay up to date!


Under the 2022 Energy Code, changes to nonresidential and hotel/motel building requirements have been enacted. New mandatory regulations for indoor lighting now include occupant sensing control requirements for office spaces greater than 250 SF, and automatic daylighting controls for secondary sidelit daylit zones. Power adjustment factors for continuous dimming plus off control has been expanded to include luminaires in secondary sidelit daylit zones. Prescriptive lighting power density allowances are now reduced for specific uses for complete building method, area category method, and tailored method. In addition, allowances have been increased for specific detailed task work for area category method. In the outdoor lighting category, general hardscape lighting power allowances have decreased, and asphalt/concrete distinction have been removed. Additional lighting power allowances were also added for security cameras.

Nonresidential Requirement Details


The 2022 Energy Code updates the multifamily buildings definition, reorganizes low-rise (three or fewer habitable stories) and high-rise (four or more habitable stories) multifamily buildings into one building type. These buildings now demand responsive lighting controls trigger changed to 4,000 watts or more, and requirements have been added for controlled receptacles. Indoor and outdoor lighting requirements are unified, and applicability clarified for dwellings, common areas, and outdoor lighting.

Multi-Family Requirement Details


The 2022 Energy Code affecting single-family residential buildings made changes that simplified and reorganized the language for lighting requirements. Also, electrical infrastructure must be provided and reserved to the equipment location for the future installation of electrical appliances (this goes for Multi-Family buildings as well).

Single-Family Requirement Details

The 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards builds on California’s technology innovations and promotes energy efficient approaches enabling California buildings to be responsive to climate change. These updates provide crucial steps in the state’s progress toward 100% clean carbon neutrality by midcentury.

2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

2022 Reference Appendices (Installation & Testing Requirements)

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