4- Expert Series Podcast | Introducing H.E. Williams Inc. and its 100-year legacy

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Check out our latest news on the go with our expert series podcast.

Your host: Joseph Lagor, Western

Our guest: Michelle Peak, H.E. Williams Inc.

Discussion: Introducing H.E. Williams Inc. and its 100-year legacy

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About Western Lighting and Energy Controls
Western Lighting and Energy Controls is an employee-owned representative agency in Southern California. Since 1994, we have partnered with top manufacturers in lighting, controls, and energy management. We don’t just go for the sale – we focus on YOU: making sure you have full understanding of the product(s) in question and their technical detail. Along with educational opportunities offered, we ensure your project requirements and unique business needs are delivered on time, within budget, and of top quality. Whether you’re in design, budgeting, or installation processes, our teams will make your life easier with our quality expertise and proactive customer support.
To learn more about Western Lighting and Energy Controls, visit www.westernlightingandenergycontrols.com.


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