Celebrate Innovation at the Oceanside Museum of Art

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San Diego, CA (July 16, 2021)Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) in Oceanside, CA, opened its doors to artists and visitors in 1997 and continues to be a popular staple of the community. With two original spaces by renowned architects and 15,000 square feet as part of a 2007 renovation, OMA was looking to upgrade their current lighting system in a way where every piece of art could truly look unique. This is where the incredible lighting and control technology of Ketra/Lutron and the generosity of a local electrical contractor came in.

OMA’s previous lighting system couldn’t do justice to its incredible pieces of art and displays. Fused copper wire that was more of a hazard than anything else, dim track heads on the ceiling, and various obsolete details kept OMA from showcasing its centerpieces in its best light. Additionally, the tight budget was another threat, and OMA needed an affordable but high-quality solution.

Thanks to the generous support and contribution from ProCal Lighting, Ketra/Lutron could finally shine! Stephen Lingenfelder of ProCal had this to say regarding the project, “So many generously give of their time and talent to the Museum, ProCal Lighting is proud to be among them. The installation of Ketra Lighting and Lutron controls with the support of Western Lighting and Energy Controls was truly a harmonious event. The Museum can now transform the individual areas of the gallery to highlight each piece of art using customized lighting scenes. We are thankful for the opportunity and for everyone involved in creating this transformative space. It is intelligent lighting at its finest.”

In addition to ProCal Lighting, Western Lighting and Energy Controls joined the project to offer further assistance, walking the jobsite with ProCal Lighting and Drei Kiel, Lead Preparator & Facility Manager at OMA, developing a bill of materials and quotes, and, most importantly, programming. Christopher Stout of Western detailed the programming experience for OMA as hassle-free, “There are essentially 9 “bays” or “quadrants” of this gallery. Each section has a track installed in a rectangle or square pattern fitting the space. We placed lights on each track, zoning them as “North, South, East, West” in groups of two.” To Stout, the best part was seeing the programming come together, and when they first turned on the lights, Kiel was blown away. “When we got it programmed,” Stout explained, “he really started to love the higher color temperatures. He was just astonished at all the colors we could bring out and the vibrancy of each piece, which at the time were quilts. It’s always fun to see the awe in someone’s face when you change how the space looks and feels just by dimming some lights. It’s transformative!”

Replacing the old MR16 track lights with Ketra’s S38 and the Lutron Homeworks QSX  processor, this collaboration allowed flexibility for custom lighting that could be rearranged for new art displays.

OMA received incredible feedback from visitors, staff, artists, and board members for its upgraded lighting design. Katie Dolgov, Oceanside Museum of Art Exhibitions Manager and Registrar, explains happily, “Our new Ketra lighting is so incredibly impressive! No other portion of our museum is so evenly and brilliantly lit. It changes and enlivens the atmosphere of every show. I’m especially impressed with the amount of control we have from the app – changing the warmth and levels, track by track. This new lighting is a game-changer, broadening our ability to present artwork to the best possible vantage.”

With the new technology allowing for a variety of dimming options, adjustable temperature and intensity, and more, art in OMA could now be shown at its best. With an acquisition of additional space, OMA hopes to include Ketra and Lutron so that each artist and patron can enjoy art in the best light.

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Located in a burgeoning coastal city along the cultural corridor between Los Angeles and San Diego, the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) explores new, relevant, and historical Southern California art. Like art itself, OMA is always fresh, sometimes edgy, sometimes traditional, and frequently unexpected. The OMA experience stimulates imagination, presents new ideas, and challenges the familiar in a welcoming environment for those new to art, longtime museum-goers, artists, art students, or simply the curious.

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