Holm’s NEW Contemporary Twist on a Classic Luminaire: sCrest-13

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From the innovate minds at Holm, comes the sCrest-13. A curvilinear, sleek, organic shape that reflects its coastal design inspiration. The luminaire’s unique form begins at the bottom as a square that gently transitions to the top of the luminaire as a circle.

The sCrest -13 was designed as an elegant companion to Holm’s popular dCrest-13 luminaire in order to enhance design flexibility and ensure seamless continuity across projects of all scopes. The curvilinear shape and modern design of the sCrest -13 wall-mounted sconce offers premier ground lighting, wall washing, and accenting capabilities.

Holm’s new luminaire isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it is as functional as it is beautiful.  The sCrest-13 is tamper-resistant to add longevity and durability to the luminaires, while the removable cartridge houses all components for easy access and servicing.

Housed inside the luminaire is an Integrated Xicato® LED module.  The its Next-Generation
Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® keeps phosphors cool for maintaining optimal light quality and precise color consistency (within 1 – 2 MacAdam ellipses).  Four lumen packages ranging from 7.4W with 645lm, to 21.4W with 1,836lm gives options for specifiers designing around Title 24.  The sCrest-13

Other features include:

  • 0-10v dimming
  • IP66
  • Two-layer marine-grade anodization and powder coat finish
  • ProAim™ adjustability
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • 7 lens options including: baffle, linear spread, solite spread, frosted, red dichroic, green dichroic and blue dichroic.

For more information on the Holm sCrest-13, contact your sales rep, or email Customer Service at customerservice@westernecs.com

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