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One of the biggest challenges as a company is finding and retaining talent.

At Western Lighting and Energy Controls, we take this challenge very seriously. We believe that the only way for a company to ensure their workforce is fully engaged and able to achieve business goals is to make sure that employees are continuously learning so that they can keep driving the business forward.

As a leading Rep agency in Southern California, we believe it is critical to provide educational training for our employees. This can include learning about new and existing lines, attending technical training, sending our employees back to our manufacturers to learn more about their culture and products, or understanding internal/external tools such as Excel, Oasis, marketing tools, and more. Our company is investing heavily in training. This mentality extends to the highest levels of the company, as we recently celebrated the graduation of Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal, and Kevin Berg, Residential Sales Manager from their three-year CPMR certification program.

As a leader in the industry, when we’re hiring, we look for talented individuals that will be with us for a very long time. We value the desire to learn new skills, advance their career, and contribute to our company growth.” Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal at Western Lighting and Energy Controls.

“As a result, we can promote our employees and offer flexibility to move around the company. We feel that our offices’ atmosphere is much more relaxed, our employees happier and therefore productive. As for our customers, they too can feel the difference. They know they can rely on us as knowledgeable experts.” Matt Sedlock, Principal at Western

If you think you would be interested in joining our team of ever-growing experts, check out our latest openings here.

About Western Lighting and Energy Controls

Western Lighting and Energy Controls is one of the leading representative agencies in Southern California for lighting, controls, and energy management.

In business for over two decades, Western Lighting and Energy Controls is an employee-owned company that offers an unparalleled level of service and support through dedicated teams. These teams work to ensure that project requirements and unique business needs are delivered on time and within budget.

With its uniquely proactive approach, Western can serve customers in a way that achieved maximum growth and success. To learn more about Western Lighting and Energy Controls, visit .

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