Title 24 Updates for 2019: Part 2

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Title 24 has been updated for 2019. Western presents an ongoing series, presenting the updates in an easy-to-understand fashion. This is Part 2: Residential Updates

Residential Updates:

Mandatory Requirements for Solar-Ready Buildings

Page 122, Section 110:
(a) Covered Occupancies

Single Family Residences. Single family residences located in subdivisions with ten or more single family residences and where the application for a tentative subdivision map for the residences has been deemed complete approved by the enforcement agency, which do not have a photovoltaic system installed, shall comply with the requirements of Section 110.10(b) through 110.10(e).

2. Low-rise Multifamily Buildings. Low-rise multi-family buildings that do not have a photovoltaic system installed shall comply with the requirements of Section 110.10(b) through 110.10(d).

3. Hotel/Motel Occupancies and High-rise Multifamily Buildings. Hotel/motel occupancies and high-rise multifamily buildings with ten habitable stories or fewer shall comply with the requirements of Section 110.10(b) through 110.10(d).

4. Nonresidential Buildings. Nonresidential buildings with three habitable stories or fewer, other than healthcare facilities, shall comply with the requirements of Section 110.10(b) through 110.10(d).

(b) Solar Zone

1. Minimum Solar Zone Area. The solar zone shall have a minimum total area as described below. The solar zone shall comply with access, pathway, smoke ventilation, and spacing requirements as specified in Title 24, Part 9 or other Parts of Title 24 or in any requirements adopted by a local jurisdiction. The solar zone total area shall be comprised of areas that have no dimension less than five feet and are no less than 80 square feet each for buildings with roof areas less than or equal to 10,000 square feet or no less than 160 square feet each for buildings with roof areas greater than 10,000 square feet.

A. Single Family Residences. The solar zone shall be located on the roof or overhang of the building and have a total area no less than 250 square feet.

The installation of solar photovoltaics is now mandatory for residential (new ground up construction that has three habitable stories or less from grade) buildings. Square footage of the homes/units and number of bedrooms will help determine system sizing. For example, a 2,000 sq. ft. home in Los Angeles will require approximately 2.8 kW of solar PV and a 30-unit apartment building will require approximately 30 kW.

The new mandatory requirements for solar ready homes bring forth new opportunities for ways to harness the sun’s energy.

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