Manufacturer Spotlight: A Visible Difference

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Get to know H.E. Williams

In the lighting industry, there are a variety of companies to choose from, each with their own strengths and benefits to suit your needs. 

This month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on the All-American manufacturer, H.E. Williams and their “Made Right Here” mission. What makes Williams stand out in such a massive industry and why do we here at Western Lighting & Energy Controls enjoy working with them?

Find out and keep reading!

Who is H.E. Williams

It is always best to start at the beginning and what better way to start than by first answering the question, “who is Williams?”

Born in Carthage, Missouri in 1921, Williams initially had sights on the automotive industry until the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City where a showcasing of fluorescent lamps inspired founder Harold E. Williams to shift towards the lighting industry. The rest, as they say, is history (but feel free to read the full story here)! Today, Williams is currently in its third generation of company leadership and proudly states that “the technology has evolved, but our values have not.” 

Independently-owned and All-American, Williams continues to focus on innovating and delivering lighting products that are long lasting while still having a timeless feel and aesthetic. With a variety of lighting products for indoor, outdoor, and more, it’s no wonder that 100 years later, Williams stays on top of its game.

The H.E. Williams Difference

When you first look at what Williams offers, they state that “we treat every order like it’s the only order.” From start to finish, the company works hard to create a lifelong partnership with clients while producing the best quality industrial lighting fixtures for all kinds of applications. This dedication and attention to detail applies to their many products including Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, and Human-Centric Lighting Solutions.

When it comes to indoor lighting, Williams’ fixtures are thoroughly designed for top performance and appealing aesthetics. Offering solutions for a variety of applications, all the indoor lighting products work with any space, including work offices, schools, healthcare, and industrial facilities. Williams also produces an array of products, from the Area Light and Performance LED High Bays with sleek appearances and uplight options to the Compact Modular High Bay and Static Troffer with high output illumination and hassle-free maintenance.

50 Static Troffer
GH Compact Modular High Bay

Williams’ outdoor lighting products, on the other hand, were born for high functionality with incredible performance. Designed to meet the demands of designers, architects, and engineers, Williams puts the focus on easy installation and longevity. Their Step Light Series, for example, illuminates walkways and stairs, bringing safety and aesthetics together.

10” Rectangular Step Light

However, the biggest standout for Williams comes in what they offer for educational and healthcare spaces. 

Williams recognizes that healthcare doesn’t just mean hospitals, senior living centers, rehab facilities, and urgent care offices are a few of the many spaces that live under the healthcare umbrella. So Williams focused on providing lighting that would fit to the needs of the patient and healthcare personnel. 

From the lobby where optimal lighting like the 4DR 4.5″ Downlight can help visitors feel welcomed and comfortable to the MDB Multi-function Medical Bed Light in patient areas that provide a relaxing feel for patients that may be under stress, Williams focuses on the emotional impact of being in a healthcare space and giving it a sense of relief.

MDB Multi-function Medical Bed Light
4DR 4.5″ Downlight

In education, Williams brings the full package for lecture halls, gymnasiums, parking lots, and more. With such a demanding environment and a variety of educational spaces with different personalization needs, Williams focuses on keeping maintenance costs low and student productivity high. 

High performing fixtures like the MX2 2″ Continuous – Suspended deliver ample illumination to dining areas with lofty ceilings while not causing any obstruction to the space, and products like the AXA Architectural Contoured Louver provide lighting that can increase performance, comfort, and reduce eye fatigue in classrooms. 

In addition to their high-class products, Williams also ups the game with their QuickShip Program, offering all their top-selling LED products ready to ship in only 48 hours. Easy to install and with contractor friendly fixtures, ideal for design-build projects, and a 5-year warranty, the Quick Ship Program from Williams focuses on bringing ease to your projects.

Aligning Western and H.E. Williams

Our relationship with Williams is based around our love for innovation. When we saw how the All-American company brought so much value to every project while successfully transforming any space into extraordinary, we knew it would be the perfect match. In addition to their high-quality products, the Williams core value of Made in America also strongly resonated with us, especially since over 20% of our employees are proud veterans.

In the end, Williams brings a unique spin to the lighting industry through its:

  • All-American values,
  • Incredible innovation in the industry that has lasted for 100 years,
  • Dedication to every customer and project,
  • Long lasting but timeless feel,
  • And intense focus on bringing function and comfort for a variety of spaces. 

We deeply appreciate our partnership with Williams and we look forward to what’s to come.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next month’s blog post!

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