Recognizing Those Who Served: U.S. Armed Forces Veterans

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Recognizing Those Who Served: U.S. Armed Forces Veterans Now Make Up 25% of Western Lighting and Energy Controls

San Diego, CA (October 30th, 2019) –  Western Lighting and Energy Controls (WLEC), takes pride in announcing that, with the latest additions to their team, veterans now comprise over 25% of their employees. The company is proud to provide quality jobs for veterans and encourages other companies to do the same. Western’s sincere effort to recognize veterans’ hard work for the country is one of the many factors that set them apart. Jimm Reifsnyder, one of the company Principals, served in the U.S. Armed Forces and understands the value that fellow service members can bring to the organization.

“There’s no culture in the world that forms people like the military,” said Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal of Western Lighting and Energy Controls. “Veterans are mission-minded, intuitive and have ingrained leadership talents. They take their responsibilities seriously.” 

It is an unfortunate reality that over half of all veterans struggle to find a job when returning to civilian life. Opportunities can be limited with only a third of all companies actively recruiting veterans. Unfortunately, many companies fail to recognize the fact that veterans, more than anyone else, are qualified, highly capable, and deserving.

Western Lighting and Energy Controls actively seeks to hire veterans due to the many valuable skills and traits their time in the service has provided them. These have proven critical to Western’s success and have helped the organization to thrive and grow in a competitive marketplace.

  • They bring structure and discipline to the organization.
  • Their respect and integrity reflect the values of the company.
  • They understand the value of teamwork and are excellent at communicating with others.
  • They are experienced in following established processes and procedures.
  • They are situationally aware, able to react, and adapt to rapid changes.
  • They put an emphasis on safety.
  • They have strong leadership skills.
  • They can work in dynamic environments. 
  • They are trained problem solvers.

“We pledge our commitment to employ veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Our company truly values and acknowledges the discipline, character, training, and leadership our veterans bring to our company,” said Matt Sedlock, Principal of Western Lighting and Energy Controls.

Western plans to continue hiring more veterans as they expand and hopes that veterans will continue to comprise a growing segment of their team. They encourage veterans to apply at

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