Denise Jenkins to Retire After 16 Years at Western

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San Diego, CA (July 1, 2019) –  Western Lighting and Energy Controls (WLEC), one of the leading Southern California Representative agencies, announced today that Denise Jenkins, who held a position in Specification Sales, will be retiring effective July 31, 2019. Djana Venolia, a Brazilian architect and urban designer, will serve as the new Specification Sales associate.  

Jenkins has served in her current role since April 2003, where she has played an instrumental role in the development and growth of various sales channels at WLEC, including her most recent role in Specification Sales. Denise has specified key projects including the San Diego International Airport, UCSD and SDSU as well as many different landscapes, restaurants, hotels, museums, and significant developments throughout San Diego.

Denise’s kindness and selflessness have made a lasting impression on all of those who have had the pleasure of working with her,” said Jimm Reifsnyder, Principal of Western Lighting and Energy Controls. “Her leadership, knowledge and overall hospitality with the newest generation of the electrical community will no doubt continue to influence and light the way for our future. She has truly left a lasting mark on San Diego with her work throughout her career.”

Western Lighting and Energy Controls is an employee-owned company that offers an unparalleled level of service and support to professionals in the lighting and energy control industry. The organization credits its success to having great employees who are passionate about their work, focused and dedicated to the company and its customers.

We place great pride in our employees and encourage continuous growth and advancement within the company so they can stay with us a long time,” said Jimm Reifsnyder. “We cannot thank Denise enough for being such an influential part of the WLEC family for over 16 years, and her achievements will not be forgotten.”

Djana Venolia, who joined the team in March 2019 and has worked very closely with Jenkins and her accounts, will be taking over the Specification Sales role. Venolia is an accomplished architect and urban designer with experience in project development, interior decoration, design build and landscape design.

I first want to express my deepest appreciation for Denise and her proven ability to identify creative solutions, motivate the team and always put our clients at the center her strategy. We love to watch our employees grow and develop with the company, and we value when they have an interminable desire to learn new skills and contribute to growth, as Denise did,” said Matt Sedlock, Principal of Western Lighting and Energy Controls. “We have been engaged in a multi-month succession process, and we are confident that Djana’s drive, focus and fearlessness position her well for continued success for years to come.”

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