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Learn how the wireless technology of H.E. Williams and Lutron is the win you need

In the ever-changing world of lighting solutions, everyone wants to have the latest and greatest technology for their company and clients. The technological revolution has left some businesses unsure of where to start. The game today isn’t about how much tech you can pack into your product, but rather, how can you use technology to make products that are easy to use and provide real benefits. For industry titans H.E. Williams and Lutron, the revolution has been well underway for a while now, and they have tapped into the secrets of simplicity and functionality.

For those unfamiliar, Lutron Electronics has been designing and manufacturing lighting controls solutions for residential and commercial applications since its inception in the 1950s. As for H.E. Williams, it’s an independently owned American-made manufacturer that focuses on lighting products that create ambiance, save energy, and are easy to install. H.E. Williams has a well-established place in the industry, celebrating its centennial this year.

But what exactly can H.E. Williams and Lutron offer, and most importantly, why are these two the choice for you?

Buckle up and get ready to learn!

So, What Exactly is A Lighting Wireless Solution?

Wireless technology enables one device to communicate with another without needing physical cabling to connect them. Let’s take an H.E. Williams lighting fixture, for example. Thanks to its wireless technology, it can communicate wirelessly to the Lutron lighting control.  Want to add an occupancy sensor to turn lights on and off automatically?  Simply mount a wireless Lutron sensor to the ceiling, pair it with the H.E. Williams fixture, and in minutes you have a complete solution. Because everything is wireless, there is no need to cut open walls to install new cables. Projects can be much more budget-friendly, saving on both materials and labor, and create a lot less mess.  For those looking to update their lighting controls technology while having an affordable option, wireless technology is the way to go.

Concerned the lack of wires is going to land you in the dark?  You’ve got nothing to fear, and here’s why.

Have you heard of the famous Clear Connect Technology by Lutron?

In 1991, Lutron identified the need for a completely retrofit light control system. The retrofit requirement meant the device communications needed to be wireless. Lutron knew that light control in a home or business was operationally essential; therefore, ultimate reliability was vital. With this goal in mind, Lutron designed Clear Connect, an ultra-reliable RF communications system that works to specification every time — in every installation — today and well into the future.  This technology has stood the test of time, with millions of wireless devices installed in some of the most challenging applications imaginable—places like hospitals, airports, and government facilities.

Why these Titans?

A key piece of the partnership between Lutron and H.E. Williams is Lutron’s VIVE Integral Fixture Control. This small module can be added to practically any fixture to add wireless control, daylight sensing, and occupancy sensing—all directly at the fixture. The integral wireless control makes fixture installation simple and can be combined with area sensors for total code compliance.

While simple, the design is meant to be incredibly flexible and focuses on a variety of elements, including:

  • A scalable design that allows the job to start with one room and grow at any time, without requiring redesign or manufacturer start-up.
  • Simple, intuitive programming in which the electrical contractor or facility team can easily modify zoning and sensing options for the fixtures.
  • A trusted reliability with Lutron’s XCT sensing technology and Clear Connect wireless communication.

H.E. Williams thankfully has several products under their belt that are compatible with Lutron VIVE, like the AT1 LED Architectural Troffer that comes with the VDO/DSR Vive integral fixture control that features RF with daylight and occupancy sensor (DFCSJ-OEM-OCC) and a sensor-ready driver.  If you don’t need sensors or plan to use larger area sensors, you can opt for the VRF/DSR Lutron Vive integral fixture control that is RF only (DFCSJ-OEM-RF) a sensor-ready driver.

What’s most important when working with H.E. Williams and Lutron is the fact that there is native compatibility between the two.  The connection between them is simple and robust.  It is built on technologies that have decades of experience working in real-world applications. For you, this means that there is a solution you can depend upon, that will save you time, energy, and money.

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