The Mirror Whisperers: Introducing MunnWorks’ Unparalleled Craftsmanship

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Experience the epitome of craftsmanship as Western Lighting & Energy Controls proudly introduces MunnWorks to our line card. A renowned decorative framed and lighted mirror manufacturer, MunnWorks brings unparalleled elegance to the world’s finest hotels and residences. With a commitment to quality and eco-friendly manufacturing, they strive to produce groundbreaking designs.

At MunnWorks, they understand the importance of delivering exceptional mirrors for every project, ensuring precision, timeliness, and budget adherence. As the gold standard for mirrors that suit any project, they offer a wide range of options that go beyond mere reflections.

From statement pieces that exude the impact of original art to meticulously crafted high-volume productions for guest rooms or multi-family projects, MunnWorks collaborates closely with designers to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and economics. Their mirrors are not just decorations; they are a reflection of your vision.

But MunnWorks doesn’t stop at decorative mirrors alone; they also offer an extraordinary selection of Lighted Mirrors. Setting a new benchmark in the industry, their lighted mirrors boast the best LED lighting output available. Whether you require precise task lighting, a customized bath experience with dimmable settings, or an even distribution of light throughout the mirror, MunnWorks has you covered with highly customizable options to make your space unique. Their signature LEDs not only provide exceptional lighting quality but also have an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours. With energy efficiency at the forefront, MunnWorks’ lighted mirrors are designed to minimize environmental impact while providing the perfect balance of illumination.

MunnWorks takes pride in its American manufacturing process, collaborating with a satellite network of skilled artisans and craftspeople. Committed to delivering exceptional quality, they meticulously ensure their mirrors are copper-free and coated to safeguard against edge erosion. Immerse yourself in the MunnWorks difference, where exquisite craftsmanship, unwavering dedication to quality, and innovative designs combine to elevate your design experience.

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